Tips and Strategies for Winning Big in Shillong Teer Games

Shillong Teer” is a famous conventional lottery game that is fundamentally played in the northeastern Indian province of Meghalaya, with Shillong being its capital. The game is remarkable in its arrangement and includes arrow based weaponry. Here is an outline of Shillong Teer:

Game Arrangement:

Toxophilism Based Lottery: Shillong Teer is an arrow based weaponry based lottery game where toxophilite shoot bolts at an objective.

Two Adjusts: The game comprises of two rounds of arrow based weaponry, known as the “Main Round” and the “Second Round.”

Focus: In each round, toxophilite shoot bolts at a roundabout objective made of straw, which is put at a particular separation from the shooters.

Wagering: Players can put down wagers on the quantity of bolts that will raise a ruckus around town in each round. They can wager on individual numbers or a mix of numbers.

Results and Payouts:

First Round Results: After the principal round of toxophilism, the absolute number of bolts that hit the objective is recorded. The outcome is a two-digit number, with the tens digit and ones digit got from the all out number of bolts that hit the objective. For instance, assuming 357 bolts hit the objective, the outcome for the main round is 57.

Second Round Results: a similar interaction is rehashed for the second round of toxophilism. The outcome is likewise a two-digit number, and it is recorded independently from the principal round.

Winning Wagers: Players who have put down wagers on the particular numbers that match the consequences of either the first or second round win prizes. Payouts are resolved in light of the sum bet and the chances set by the Teer coordinators.


Shillong Teer is especially famous Shillong Teer Common Numbers in Meghalaya and has a huge following among nearby occupants. The game is known for its exceptional mix of conventional arrow based weaponry abilities and lottery-style wagering.


Shillong Teer is managed by the Meghalaya Entertainments and Wagering Duty (Alteration) Act, 1982. It is managed by the state government and dependent upon explicit guidelines and guidelines to guarantee reasonableness and straightforwardness in the game.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that the principles and guidelines encompassing Shillong Teer might develop over the long run, and it’s fundamental to know about the ongoing legitimate structure and rules while partaking in or becoming familiar with the game.